Organic vegetable tanned leather straps

Organically tanned cognac leather straps

Vegetable tanning of leather

is an ART

Our leather straps are made of vegetable tanned leather from a local tannery in the same region where our straps are handcrafted in Tuscany.

The process of vegetable tanning is a time consuming way of tanning leather and requires highly skilled craftsmen. It is the oldest tanning method ever used. Vegetable tanning is a more environmental friendly way of tanning leather because it makes use of natural tannins from bark or other plant tissues trees such as oak, chestnut etc. rather than chrome sulfates. This is why our leather straps age with grace and develop their own natural look with time as you use them.

Craftsmanship and slow fashion is essential for our brand philosophy, that is why this choice of organically tanned leather is a no brainer for us at Axel & Rönne.


Team A&R