#PreciousTalents - A Precious weekend with Precious People

Axel & Rönne - Nk Göteborg

Last weekend, Axel & Rönne was in Stockholm to exhibit our elegant swedish design watches with handmade organic Italian leather straps it was blast. Precious Talents (selected outstanding nordic creators of jewellery and watches), were pretty much the coolest people around with outstanding jewellery & watches as well as fashionable styling. 

Our booth was creative, warm & funky with some live wall-painting (mural) by Gothenburg based artist Ellen Macke Alström, our handcrafted beer in collaboration with local micro brewery from Gothenburg Business Monkey, great music from our local artist Walter Nilsson and a whole bunch happy people. We had the aim of showing that Gothenburg creates good stuff like our watches that we design and assemble ourselves in Gothenburg. We nailed it! Thank for all the support from creative minds around us.


Team A&R

Axel & Rönne Precious X Business Monkey
Axe & Rönne Precious