Our Valentine Story - A Valentonic trial & error

Happy Valentine ❤️!

Cool that you are interested in our trial & error process. Ok so the idea was to create a post for you with an atmosphere of love... by combining our love for Gin & Tonic with our watches. OH we are CRAZY about Gin & Tonic here btw. Right now we a trying out this amazing rhubarb gin (see image) with regular indian tonic water

Newayz as perfectionists, it is hard to find anything perfect, so we were not happy with the images. We are no photographers but we take on pretty much any task in our company but this one was harder, specially given the short time frame of 2 hours.

But one thing always works, FUN!!! So we threw ourselves into the picture, drank the gin & tonic an had a blast instead.

Entrepreneurship like LOVE  is a process of trial & error. Throw yourself in and have fun with it! Check out the watches have on below, 20% on all watches today!

Love Team A&R

Axel & Rönne Valentine 1
Axel & Rönne Valentine 2
Axel & Rönne Valentine 3
Axel & Rönne Valentine 6
Axel & Rönne Valentine 9
Axel & Rönne Valentine 5