Creative Mind 1 - Shai Dahan Artist & Muralist

As he introduced himself, Shai Dahan is an artist, a husband, a father and an all round creative guy :D. We just love this introduction as it expresses exactly how we see Shai Dahan. A holistic creator that is down do earth with a no limit mindset. We at Axel & Rönne fell flat for Shai, not only for his work as a contemporary painter and street artist who makes paintings, drawings, illustrations and sculptures but for his person and his wait of thinking and work.

We have had 2 collaborations with Shai and his way of working is genuine and personal, and his art is epic. Everything he does reflects authenticity. Our core values at Axel & Rönne are creativity, craftsmanship and authenticity so you can understand why our heart beats for people like Shai Dahan.

Listen to Shai speak about TIME & CREATIVITY below. Shai Dahan also founded No Limit festival, an outdoor art event inviting artists from around the world to participate in turning public space into an outdoor exhibition.